Sunday, October 15, 2006

Yet another reason to hate Ticketmaster has this nifty feature that is supposed to alert me when my favorite artists are coming to town. Problem is it doesn't work. In the several years that I've had TicketAlerts set up for these artists below, I've not received one advance notice email:

Dwight Yoakam
The Black Keys
Josh Rouse
Dave Matthews Band
Bright Eyes
David Sedaris
Toby Keith

And I know that at least six of these artists have played in Nashville in the last year and I have never received an alert email about these events. However, I am hounded by the Ticketmaster spam with subject lines like "Don't miss Kelly Clarkson." Do I look like a Kelly Clarkson fan?

There is no better marketing prospect to a company than one who has declared his interest in a very specific product or service. Use this data to your benefit, Ticketmaster.


Ryan said...

I agree... I cant stand anything having to do with Ticketmaster. Those bastards somehow "lost" my DMB tix, but I had a buddy with an extra, so I go to go. F U Ticketmaster.

Anonymous said...

So my tickets to the band Jimmy Eat Workd arrived in the mail yesterday from Ticketfu*kers. They are printed as, "Jimmy Eats World"! Is it TOO difficult to get the freakin' name of the band right when you are reaming me out for $9+ in ridiculous fees? Oh how I hate TM!