Friday, April 13, 2007

Is it really that difficult to stock the bank deposit envelopes?

How many times have you visited the ATM to make a deposit and the envelope bin is empty? Is it that difficult to keep the box stocked? I was just at my bank at 11:00 A.M. on a Friday, not midnight on a Sunday.

Are customers making so many deposits that the interns can't keep up? Are kids stealing them so they can play ATM with a magic-markered refrigerator box?

I have a new strategy (to which many of you will say "I've done that for years"): when I find a full box, take two and keep a few extra in the glove box.


dsummersx said...

ATM envelopes soon to go the way of payphones.
BofA ATM's in ATL count cash and print copies of checks deposited on your ATM reciept. Best of all no envelope or deposit slip needed.

joe lance said...

First TN had this problem, but then made a different nuisance by dispensing them one at a time during one's deposit transaction. The machine beeps at you the whole time you're trying to complete the envelope.

Anonymous said...

Related, after all. I had the same frustration, so I grabbed a big stack. I now have about 20 in the car.

Brother Darren