Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My beloved Food City Foodland is now Apple Market?

The face of West End is changing once again. My beloved Food City Foodland has morphed into an Apple Market? Wha' happened, FC FL? You were one of the only places who would cash my girlfriend's checks during college (yes kids, this was before widespread, nationally linked ATMs).

Food City Foodland was the Grocery Store that Time Forgot. A couple years ago after a dinner at Ted's across the street, I ran in and grabbed something vital that couldn't wait for Kroger in the morning. As I left the parking lot I said to my kids in the low, gravelly Homer voice, "that place is freaky." Did I personally scare you into changing into the modern Apple Market? I didn't mean it like that. Honest.

(Note, thanks to Brittney for setting me straight on the former name.)


Sam Davidson said...

Is the inside any better?

Kelly said...

No change to the interior sorry to say. The cashier I talked to seemed to be a little melancholy as well about the name change.

Anonymous said...

although the store has a different name it still has the same owners. Sometimes the business has to change it's name but the service is still the same. To be honest I am sure that the Osborne's (the owners) were paid to change the name to apple market by their distributers (AWG) So in the end they don't care about the name change, just the money they make by changing the name.