Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pete's number one country song

My pal Pete Stringfellow recently released his latest single 'Santa Rosa' exclusively* to KFGY in the S.F. Bay area. Dude has a knack for knowing what sounds good, what feels good, and what people want to hear. As a result he's scored the number one most requested country song in Bay radio.

I don't listen to commercial radio much anymore, but dig: at a conference earlier this year, Billboard editor Tamara Coniff said she was amazed because country music appears to be the last genre that (in her words) "lives and dies" by what's heard on the radio.

Pete's doing it right.

* The track is no longer exclusive to KFGY


hpraetzel said...

I am from Sonoma County and I heard the song on Froggy and have been trying to find out where to get more of his music. It is a FABULOUS song. I am absolutely in love with it. I just moved to Marin County from Santa Rosa though I will be moving back to that area after I get married in July. I love this song. Any idea where I could get a copy of the lyrics?

Kelly said...

Here are the lyrics:

Santa Rosa(Written by PETE [stringfellow] and Glenn Dawson)

Verse 1:
Just a little north
of the golden gate
by the rolling hills growing grapes
where the sun will chase the fog away

Down a couple blocks and to the right
is where Charlie Brown sleeps at night
and that Snoopy dog still dreams away the day (Good Grief)

We'd ride our bikes in the summer heat
hunt'n craw-dads in the county creek
then hit the hay barn
to play "hide and seek"

Santa RosaYour roses and fine wine
run through this blood of mine
and though the road I'm on
has taken me to Tennesseemy home will always be Santa Rosa

Verse 2:
We were in the van
Highway 101
took Shiloh, just having fun
on a summer day late afternoon

When Amber Lynn from Piner High
waved us down, said, "I need a ride
there's a party on the beach let's all go to"

Then at Timber Cove she took my hand
and we laid down in the cool night sand
Boy, it's taken years to understand


Now we have some kids and it makes my cry
'cause on the road the years fly by
it's hard to get back, but I've got to try


©2007 Creative Destiny Music (ASCAP) / Lay On Music (ASCAP)

Anonymous said...

Your post says that's it's exclusive to KFGY ... is that true? I've heard it on other radio stations.

Kelly said...

You are correct, anonymous. The song is no longer exclusive to Froggy. That was only when the song debuted.