Thursday, September 21, 2006

Crap, I have a lot of MP3s

I have now surpassed the 30,000 song mark. That's a lot of nuts!

A little bit about me: first of all, I'm a nazi about song organization. Second, I fear a meteor will crash on my house and I'll lose my beloved hard drive. [Shatner as Kirk voice] Must...back...up.

I'm in the process of indexing the files with MusicIP Mixer (formerly Predixis MusicMatch) because the MusicMatch plug in was never that reliable in Winamp. We'll see about the standalone MusicIP Mixer.

What MusicIP basically does is scour your music collection to find similar songs so you can make mix lists based on the original song. So, if you're in a Josh Rouse "1972" mood (which I frequently find myself), select that song and create a mix list of similar songs. MusicIP has some big-ass database behind the scenes that stores the similarity info. It does a darn good job in my experience, and is a must for large collections.


rachel said...

Hey Kelly,

My name's Rachel - I'm part of the MusicIP team. Thanks for the mention; I hope you do try out the standalone version of the Mixer...if you give me a shout I'll send you a complimentary premium key, so you can give all the power tools and premium features a try.

And wow, that's a lot of songs!!

Hope to hear from you,


Paul said...

Kelly - nice blog - so how long did it take musicip mixer to process your 30,000 songs? What kind of computer is it?

Kelly said...

It took about four days to process my entire collection on a Dell Dimension 4700 Pentium 4. Thanks for your comment.