Friday, September 22, 2006

Where is Farkministan?

I was looking through some of my podcast stats at Web Pasties a few days ago, and noticed that I had 146 downloads from Farkministan:

That's quite interesting. A country I had never heard of. I asked my coworker Garry "where is Farkministan" and he said "I don't know, try to Wiki it."

Wiki, nothing.

Google maps, nothing. would surely show me the way, but nothing there.

So I emailed the first-class folks at Web Pasties and Bill Bercik emailed me a nice reply saying that Farkministan is a joke (don't let the fine Farkministanians know). Any time IP_TO_COUNTRY comes up null, he throws it into the Farkministan bucket instead of reporting "Unknown Country." The Farkministan flag Bill uses is actually a nautical flag meaning something like "I can't control my bladder, stay out of my way."

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