Friday, September 29, 2006

Music Festivals Partner with MusicIP to Help Fans find New Artists

So let's say I'm interested in an upcoming music festival but I don't know a lot of the bands. How can I do my homework ahead of time to find artists I might enjoy based on my current tastes?

This is exactly the question that MusicIP is answering with their new playground sites. For example, the company worked with the Nemo Music Festival in Boston going on this week to set up a playground site. I go to the playground and type in an artist or song I know and love then based on the super secret big ass MusicIP database, it tells me similar artists who are playing the festival. A click or two more and you're at the artist's Sonicbids bio page where you can read more about the artist and download a free track. Cool stuff!

I suggest taking it a couple of steps further. Let me rate the artists I sample and create my own agenda of sorts that I can have emailed to me or printed out to take to the festival so I don't miss any of the artists that are always playing concurrently at these things. Or even better let me stop by the MusicIP booth at the festival where they can print a nice color version of my agenda, laminate it, and throw it on a free lanyard!

The promise of the Internet helping music fans find new artists based on their current tastes has been around a long, long time. I remember around 1995 a simple Web app that let me pick artists in my collection and based on all of the other users' data would recommend other artists I might like. Problem was, it was based on a person's entire music collection. Just because I own R.E.M. and Penguin Cafe Orchestra, doesn't mean another R.E.M. fan will like PCO. And many online retailers didn't do much better. Just because I purchased a Dwight Yoakam CD as a gift doesn't mean I like the Bakersfield sound.

MusicIP's approach appears to have finally broken out of the unworkable molds and the fans are the real winners.

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