Thursday, September 28, 2006

A professional wrassler once owned my home

When I moved into my current home two years ago, I found some battered 35mm negatives in the attic of what appeared to be men in underwear and one man as an Elvis impersonator. I carried the negatives around for a year meaning to get prints made of them. Last summer I finally did that and here were the results:

The nice ladies at Walgreens said they recognized them as "TV wrasslers" from the 70s. I just thought the photos were a hoot. Apparently these guys wrestled under the team name "The Jet Set" (see undies, above). I then did what every Webhead would do and created a t-shirt at Cafe Press.

I emailed the photos to several friends asking if they could help identify the wrestlers. No luck. A few weeks later our friend Pam was scouring the real estate records to find out what all her friends had paid for their homes (like you do) and she discovered that wrestler George Gulas and/or his wrestling promoter father Nick had once owned our home.

Anyway, my kids won't allow me to wear the t-shirt anywhere near them. George, let me know if you want those negatives back.


Dirkmonster said...

Looks like you were the hideout for the Ambiguously Gay Duo.

Switch said...

The Jet Set were George Gulas (on the left) and Bobby Eaton (on the right). I'd wear that shirt everywhere.

Neal Snow said...

The Elvis impersonator is the one and only George Gulas, arguably the lousiest pro wrestler ever to wrestle in main events (and that's only because daddy was the promoter). His daddy's insistence that his booker (Jerry Jarrett) use Georgie in more shows in the Memphis area led to a promotion split, where Jerry Jarrett eventually held the services of 99%
of the areas tops talent, and Papa Gulas was left with his goofy son and some over the hill guys. Needless to say Papa Gulas went out of business fairly quick. As for the other guy in the udies, Booby Eaton went on to become one of the most successful tag team wrestlers of the 80's with Jim Cornette managing him (with various members) as the Midnight Express, and in the 90's as a tag partner with William Regal and Arn Anderson. Most guys who go on to have great success start at the bottom, and you don't get much farther than the bottom than as George Gulas' tag partner.

And your kids should be proud to have a dad who has a sense of humor. That's a shirt I'd proudly wear.